Have you ever dreamed of catching something really special?

2 at a time!!

Read about big game fishing and wondered what it's like? Well I have fished for Marlin in the Caribbean, off St. Vincent, and with a touch of good fortune was able to hook and land a 400lb Marlin on my first trip! It was a great rush and the memories lingered for a very long time, but it had a number of drawbacks.

First and foremost, Marlin are very much a hit and miss experience usually involving many hours (even days) of trolling on a very expensive charter boat (US$500+ per day). Second is the 'sea sickness' factor, not a problem if you are an experienced sailor, but this can be a most unpleasant experience for those who suffer and can even bring your trip to a premature end!

And then to top it all, with today's conservation minded skipper's and the catch and return policies they (rightly) apply any pictures you get will be of the fish in the water or maybe leaping but in all honestly these really do not do it or you justice. Several years ago I read of an alternative - Shark fishing from a beach! - and intrigued, booked a trip to Walvis Bay, Namibia to see what it was all about.

Big female bronzie

Not really knowing what to expect, I found myself in the capable hands of a local professional guide who set about making sure I had the holiday of a lifetime! On my first day I had a Bronzie of 220 lb which literally ripped my arms out of my sockets and ended the holiday with a new personal best of 265 lb, a beautiful female fish which is pictured left.

I have returned 4 times since, such is the draw of this type of fishng.

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