So how easy is it to organise your holiday? Well in the past it was very difficult and in truth the best way was through an operator, the most well know of which is Mola Mola UK, however I have learned that the association between them and Terence Clark has now ended.

However in this 'internet enabled age' things are much easier now and as a consequence some of the costs are going down. For this year I have made all my own arrangements direct from the UK (mostly by e-mail).

Organising flights is relatively easy now with a number of African travel specialists offering good prices. I have booked this year through Visions of Africa and they have been excellent. To speed things up I have also arranged for an internal flight from Windhoek to Walvis Bay (also through Visions of Africa). I also needed a transfer between airports in Windhoek and an internet search quickly enabled this for me.

Local guide Terence Clark can be contacted through the link to Mola Mola Angling Namibia or via e-mail to Terence Clark , Terence can either make all the arrangements for you as an operator or provide you with fishing only quotes as required.

The apartment

There are a number of accomodation choices ranging from Self Catering through to Full Board. My recommendation would be to go either for self catering or bed and breakfast. A lot of your time will be spent on the beach, where you will have access to a packed lunch and plenty of drinks. Eating out is ridiculously inexpensive so really the choice boils down to whether you want a breakfast cooked for you or not.

This year I have rented a 2 bed apartment in Swakopmund for 2 weeks for just £540 (£180 per person) through the internet and I'm sure that even though this is a good price I could have got something even cheaper had I been prepared to compromise on the quality of the accomodation.